Mewtwo is one of the most complicated Pokémon to catch in Pokémon GO . And not only because the clone of Mew is overpowering.

The invitation system to participate in the Raid EX associated with Mewtwo is indeed a real headache and Niantic is visibly aware. Thus, the American studio has just provided details on the operation of the invitation system for future EX Raids.

As a reminder, EX Raids only take place in certain eligible PokéGym arenas, and players can only be invited if they have recently completed a raid in these specific arenas. However, in a message shared on the official mobile game site , Niantic explains that invitations to participate in the Mewtwo Raid were sent by mistake to players who had not visited the associated arena for a while.

” This bug has already been fixed and future invitations will respect the sending process ,” says the studio, adding that players will have to complete a ” recently ” arena to receive their ticket.

Niantic has made some changes to the way the invitation process works. The number of arenas eligible for Raids EX will be increased. More players will also be invited to participate in these special raids. Finally, players who hold a high-level badge, as well as those who have completed an arena in the week preceding the sending of invitations, are more likely to be selected.

Mewtwo appeared in Pokémon GO in August 2017 and can only be caught during an EX Raid. Unfortunately, many trainers have complained about the operation of these raids, which is not very intuitive.

Pokémon GO has recently hosted a new batch of Pokémon Gen 3 . Players can also catch the Legendary Kyogre in the Raids (normal, we reassure you) until February 14th.