Jim Carrey has always had the reputation of being a spectacular stage artist, but for The Grinch’s makeup artist, it’s synonymous with a nightmare.

Kazuhiro Tsuji is one of the greatest designers of prosthetic makeup, which has worked on  Hellboy,  Thunder in the Tropics and more recently on the incredible transformation of Gary Oldman in  The Dark Hours. The  Grinch could have been one of his greatest successes, but his collaboration with  Jim Carrey proved … complicated.

 As he revealed in an interview with Vulture, Jim Carrey may have melted a blunder during the making of the film.

“On the set, he was really mean to everyone, so we had to stop shortly after the start of production. After two weeks, we only recorded the equivalent of two days of filming, because he suddenly disappeared, and when he reappeared, his makeup was ragged. We could not film anything anymore. “

Those who have seen the fascinating documentary  Jim and Andy on Netflix may recognize some excesses of the comedian …

“In the makeup box, he would get up at once, look in the mirror, and pointing to his chin, he would say,” This color is not the one you used yesterday. ” I replied that I used the same color as the day before, he replied: “Regulate it”. And ok, well, you see, I’ve “settled” that.And it was the same every day. “

And considering that Kazuhiro Tsuji entered therapy shortly thereafter, it is assumed that indeed the filming of the  Grinch turned to the test of strength.