After a few flopped films, the makers hope to revive the franchise in a successful way. Does Matthias Schoenaerts manage to play the leading role this time?

In the most recent remake of the classic action film Matthias thanked for the honor. Fortunately. Because that ‘RoboCop’ from 2014, with Joel Kinnaman in the lead, flopped mercilessly. The print got a lot of criticism because he had done a lot of dishonor to the 1987 original, by director Paul Verhoeven. That should and should be better, Edward Neumeier, the scriptwriter of that original film, thought. And so he is currently working together with film company MGM on a new scenario. He wants to leave from the original story and now create a new ‘RoboCop’ with a surprising twist. The makers hope to be able to start recording next year. They still have to look for a new protagonist, and yes, again the name of Matthias Schoenaerts circulates. Will he be tempted this time?