The star Pamela Anderson would have made the decision to leave Los Angeles to live in the south of France, in Marseille. A gesture made for his companion, Adil Rami!

What we will not do for love. Leave everything and go settle with your companion thousands of miles from home, cap or not cap? Well, Pamela Anderson did it. Indeed, for love she would have left her little nest in Los Angeles to come live in Marseille.


The TMZ website said that star Pamela Anderson would have decided to join her companion Olympique de Marseille footballer Adil Rami. The former actress of “Alerte Malibu” reportedly left Los Angeles for the South of France. Indeed, she probably did not support this relationship at a distance and decided to prove his love to the young footballer .

In couple since last May the two lovebirds seem to spin the perfect love. They are met at the Monaco Grand Prix and are 18 years apart. Pamela Anderson is 50 years old and her partner is 32 years old. Inseparable since their meeting, it is a beautiful gesture of love that made the star.

But beware, this does not mean that the ambassador of PETA (the association of animal defenses) will no longer fight for the animal cause. And it is surely in Marseille that she will help animals.


Still according to the TMZ website, the American and the footballer would live under the same roof. Zuzu, Pamela Anderson’s Golden Retriever, has also moved into their home. In addition, the two sons of 21-year-old Brandon Lee and 20-year-old Dylan Jagger Lee would often visit the two lovebirds.

In addition TMZ also confirms that the beautiful was seen last December, looking for an engagement ring. The couple should probably move up a gear and get married soon.