Khloé Kardashian is looking forward to losing the weight she is getting now, now that she has been pregnant for a few months. “I can hardly wait until I have my old body back!”

“During my pregnancy, I am not so strict about what I eat, but I am already motivated to lose weight when the baby is there”, says Kardashian (33) in a blog read by  People . In that blog she says to watch what she eats.

“Of course I long for everything and I really want to give it to myself, but I do everything in moderation, and I’m not someone who eats a whole box of cookies, that’s not how I eat.”

The reality star expects her first child with basketball player Tristan Thompson. During her pregnancy Kardashian tries to stay active, which put her in a lot of criticism on social media in December.

Some of her followers on social media found the sports session that the reality star on Instagram did not fit for an expectant mother. “For those who suddenly think they are doctors, my doctor and I communicate and my workouts are approved and recommended,” Kardashian said in a comment.