Two women have accused rapper Nelly of sexual abuse. The allegations follow a charge of a woman who says he has been raped.

In the indictment of Monique Greene, the two other women anonymously do their story about incidents with Nelly. The women are called ‘Jane Doe 1’ and ‘Jane Doe 2’ in the indictment, according to  Pitchfork.

Jane Doe 1 says he met Nelly at a concert in June 2016. The woman was asked to come to a VIP room where the rapper unexpectedly grabbed her leg and felt under her skirt without her approval.

Jane Doe 2 talks about a meeting in December 2017 in Essex, England. Nelly would have invited the woman and her friends into his tour bus, asked her for a separate room and started masturbating there while she watched. Then he would have taken her hand and placed it on his penis, after which he pushed her head to his genitals and forced her into oral sex.

Greene puts the stories of the women in her indictment to show that Nelly regularly abuses his female fans. Greene filed a report of rape in October 2017, but later withdrew her accusations. Later she said that it was because the media attention became too much for her. In December she still started a business.