Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan last appeared on large screens in the dramatic thriller of the legendary Paul Schroeder “Canyons” After six long years, the scandalous actress returns to the profession.

32-year-old Lohan played one of the main roles in fantasy horror “Among the Shadows”, which came out of this can be seen in the picture’s debut trailer. Star Freaky Friday reincarnated as the wife of the president, who suspects that her husband will soon be killed. To prevent trouble, a woman hires a mysterious detective with a dark past. Judging by the video, the audience will witness a bloody war with the werewolves.

The film will premiere on March 5th. But something suggests that the triumphant return of Lindsay Lohan will be a big question. It seems that the actress needs to more carefully select projects. In the meantime, she threw all her strength on the development of the reality show “Lindsay Lohan Beach Club”. Novice businesswoman builds a club empire in Greece.