When, a few years ago, Kanye West first announced his desire to become the president of the United States, many did not believe him and reacted to his words as a joke. First, Kanye “threatened” that he would run in 2016, then in 2020, and now he declared that he would fight for the presidency in 2024.

During his interview on the radio station Power 92, the musician said: “Yes, I will participate 100% in the presidential race in 5 years.” And West is already systematically moving towards his first campaign, imitating Donald Trump. When Trump raced, he made a red cap labeled Make America Great Again as a symbol of his campaign. Kanye decided to resort to the same method – he began to produce caps. But not red, like Trump, but beige, and with the inscription – Kanye For President (“Kanye for the President”).

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Chloe Kardashian, the younger sister of his wife Kim, had already been seen in such a headdress when she went shopping with her other sister, Courtney. If Kanye is really serious, then soon we will have a lot of interesting and shocking tricks from this musician, which will be submitted as an election campaign.