Bill Cosby has received an unwelcome visit in Pennsylvania prison. The actor was chased by a drone when he was allowed to walk outside.

TMZ reports that Bill Cosby had a special visit last week in his new home. While the fallen comedian was allowed to walk outside under supervision, a drone flew at him. As soon as the drone was noticed, the security was tightened and the prisoners were not allowed to leave their cell all day long.

It is suspected that the drone was used by an American newspaper to make a picture of Cosby. It is not yet clear whether that was successful.

Bill Cosby is currently serving a prison sentence of three to ten years for drugging and abusing Andrea Constand in 2004. He would have drugged her first in his home. The fallen star from the comedy series The Cosby Show has been accused by some sixty women of abuse. That would sometimes have happened decades ago. Many things were already barred.