The star of the Slumdog Millionaire, Frida Pinta, promised to never again star in the films of Woody Allen, who was accused of molesting her adopted daughter. The 34-year-old actress, who played in the tragicomedy director “You will meet the mysterious stranger” in 2010, said that she was in solidarity with all women who had experienced sexual violence. And this means that Woody Allen is forever on her black list.

“Absolutely, I will never again work with him, because I am in solidarity with all the women who have decided to tell their stories to the world, regardless of whether they are proven or not. I will simply stick to what my intuition tells me, ”said Frieda in an interview with The Guardian.

Recall that the attacks on the 83-year-old director began a few years ago, his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow accused him of rape when she was only seven years old. Woody Allen strongly denied this information, emphasizing that his ex-wife Mia Farrow specially inspired false memories to her daughter to take revenge. As you know, the loving director left his family and married another daughter of Mia, Sun-i Preven.

However, the scandal flared up with a new force after the infamous story of Harvey Vanstein and the emergence of the MeToo movement, organized to support women faced with harassment and sexual violence. Many of the stars, not just shot at the famous director, refused to cooperate with him. And the last for today Allen film – “The Last Day in New York” – has never been released.