Monica Lewinsky considered changing her name after she couldn’t get a job because of her affair with Bill Clinton, she tells in the TV program Last Week Tonight .

“When I couldn’t find a job, I didn’t feel that I could take care of myself or that I had any direction in my life.”

Lewinsky considered changing her name, but finally decided not to change it. “Basically, I think. Bill Clinton didn’t have to change his name either. No one ever asked him if he thought he should change his name, so I finally thought it was an important signal not to do it.”

Although she says she is not proud of some of the choices she has made in her life, Lewinsky is proud of the person she is. “No matter how difficult it sometimes was to have this last name, to have endured all the pain and to realize what it meant for my family to have the same last name, I’m glad I didn’t change it.”

The former Clinton intern became famous after it was announced in 1998 that she was having an affair with the then president. Lewinsky is currently fighting against harassment on the internet, among other things.