A lot can still be learned about Courteney Cox, according to a recent interview with the British newspaper The Guardian. Striking: her most expensive purchase is a Banksy painting and the American actress was once excluded naked.

Everyone knows that Courteney Cox played Monica Geller in ‘Friends’ for ten years. But who knew she had a real Banksy at home? In the interview, Cox responds briefly to a list of personal questions. It is therefore not clear which painting is involved and how much it cost. When the interviewer wanted to know her most embarrassing moment, the actress told me that she was once excluded naked: “I was very young and stood in the shower when my older brother and sisters told me there was an emergency. They told me to get out of the shower immediately and go outside. When I was naked outside, they closed the door and I couldn’t go back inside. ” 

Darlin ‘girl 

Her best kiss? The first she gave to her current husband Johnny McDaid, known as a songwriter and guitarist for Snow Patrol. Her favorite word? Johnny’s pet name for her: “Darlin ‘girl”. The showbiz couple have been together since 2013. 

When asked “What do you owe your parents?”, The American actress says about her mother: “My mother was not a go-getter. I am grateful that I have been able to experience that and that I can be the complete opposite. “And world-famous actresses can sometimes find it hard to sleep:” What keeps me awake at night? Worrying that I will not fall asleep again. ”