During a memorial of The Voice participant Janice Freeman, Miley Cyrus got angry on Monday. She would actually sing a song for the singer who died this month, but had to leave it largely to her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

Janice took part in the program in 2017 and joined the Miley team. During the Monday meeting, which could be followed live on Facebook, the singer said: “I want to put something right here. I was never her coach, she was always mine. I learned more from her than anyone else, not only about singing but she also taught me everything about love. “

In her speech, Miley promised to be there for Janice’s mother, husband and daughter, who was 33 years old when she died from a combination of a clot of blood and severe pneumonia. “Thank you for letting us be part of your family, and thank you Janice for letting me be your friend. It was a great honor.”