54-year-old Monica Bellucci took part in a fashion photo shoot. The actress in a sexy swimsuit appeared on the cover of an Italian glossy magazine.

The star posed in the water in a new beach look. She appeared in the picture in a stylish snow-white monokini with a corset , emphasizing the beauty of the figure.

Make-up artists applied a light make-up to Bellucci and made her wet styling. The actress took a graceful pose , throwing her hands behind her head.

An elegant photograph was accompanied by an intriguing signature. “In youth we see the world in black and white , we become conformists and victims of all read us lectures , yet do not understand , that’s really important for us. Who has no nostalgia for the past , there is no fear of the future. Beauty Bellucci loves to change everything in life , even men, ”wrote the Italian Vanity Fair in the official Instagram account.

Fans rated Monica’s photo shoot. “Great cover! Monica is wonderful as usual “,” Fantasy “,” beauty , which can not be compared with anything, “- commented.