Millie Bobby Brown is only 15 years old, but she is already going to compete with Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and other owners of beauty brands. This Tuesday, the actress announced that she was launching a Florence by Mills skincare line that meets all the requirements of vegans and animal advocates.

According to Millie, her cosmetics are not tested on animals, do not contain components of animal origin and are intended for generation Z, that is, peers of the actress. The brand will produce both skin care products – scrubs, creams, sprays – and shadows, powders, highlighters and other decorative cosmetics. Product prices will range from 10 to 34 dollars.

Brown named the brand in honor of her grandmother Florence and was directly involved in its development.

I have been sitting in the make-up chair since I was 10 years old and met all kinds of cosmetic products. I decided to enter the market and occupy an empty niche for teenagers. I think I myself rarely found something that I would really enjoy and harmless to use. As soon as I took off my makeup, a new pimple appeared,

– complained Millie.

Although Brown is targeting a young audience, she faces fierce competition. In just a few years, Kylie Jenner managed to turn into the youngest billionaire, Rihanna was recognized by Forbes as the richest singer in many respects due to her beauty brand, and not so long ago Selena Gomez announced her imminent debut on the market.

But what Brown has no problems with is his acting career. This year, she presented two major projects – the third season of “Very Strange Things” and “Godzilla 2” – and in both cases, critics and viewers praised Millie’s work.