The youngest of the famous sisters, Kardashian Chloe, a little over a year ago, became the mother of baby Tru Thompson. Unlike the large children of Kim and Courtney, she first knew the joy of motherhood and enjoys it to the fullest: everywhere she takes her daughter with her and does not let her get away with it.

It is not surprising that this approach to parenthood had its own haters. Under one of the last photos, the subscriber asked her: “Are you aware that your child is not a fashion accessory?” What Chloe burst into a huge tirade:

Would you like your parents not to create common memories and traditions with their children? Would you like someone else to look after my baby? I am her mother, and we will enjoy life every day! Tru and I create magical memories together!

We add that currently Chloe and Tru are resting in the Bahamas, the company they were Kim and her youngest daughter Chicago.

Judging by the fact that not a single man was seen on the horizon, Chloe’s heart remains free. The 35-year-old star of the reality show has not yet found the strength to seek new love – in February, she broke up with the basketball player Tristan Thompson, the father of her daughter, the cause of the breakup was the numerous betrayals of a loving athlete.