Demi Lovato is the latest addition to the cast of Eurovision, the Netflix film about the Eurovision Song Contest. The 27-year-old singer plays Katiana, one of the best singers of ‘her’ country, Iceland. Deadline reports that.

The news was announced Wednesday, one day after Demi’s birthday. Will Ferrell congratulates the American in a video of Netflix on Twitter. The actor and comedian, one of the protagonists and writers of the film, has baked a cake for Demi. In one shot Ferrell is sitting with the cake, in the next shot you can see Demi herself, with the cake in her hand. Next to her is a clapperboard with “Eurovision” on it.

The cast of Eurovision is increasingly taking shape. On Tuesday it was announced that Beauty and the Beast actor Dan Stevens will play the Russian song festival candidate. He can be seen alongside protagonists Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, who play two Icelandic musicians. Pierce Brosnan will play the role of Erick Erickssong, the father of Lars and also ‘smartest man in Iceland’.

The recordings of Eurovision are currently in progress in Great Britain and Iceland.