Spider-Man may disappear from the film universe of Marvel. Negotiations between Sony and Marvel would have yielded nothing so far, according to various US media, including IGN , Wednesday.

Allegedly Tim Rothman, the studio head of Sony (owner of the film rights of superhero Spider-Man) and Marvel director Kevin Feige have been talking for months. If the impasse does not end, the popular character will no longer be featured in new Marvel films. He may then appear in films produced by Sony.

Sony and Marvel have been producing Spider-Man films together since the appearance of Homecoming in 2017 . Feige, who is seen as the brain behind 23 superhero adventures within the same film universe, would no longer be able to leave its mark on Spider-Man films as a producer if no agreement was reached.

Spider-Man: Far From Home , the most recent adventure that is currently in the cinema, has now raised more than 1.1 billion dollars (990 million euros) worldwide. The film before that, the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse , became a blockbuster with a worldwide revenue of 375 million dollars (338 million euros).

Deadline reports based on sources that two new Spider-Man films are being made. Leading actor Tom Holland and director Jon Watts should return there.

The rights of Spider-Man movies are since the release of the first film adventure in 2002 by Sony, while duties for merchandise are at Marvel. Disney, owner of Marvel, took over the 21st Century Fox Over film company earlier this year, securing the rights of films about superheroes such as X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four.