Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel broke up in 2013, having lived in a civil marriage for 17 years, but their former lovers managed to maintain friendly relations, and, of course, they could not miss the special show of the re-edited version of the cult film Gaspard Noé “Irreversibility”, in which they starred together in 2002 year.

So, today, a few hours before the film was shown at the 76th Venice Film Festival , the actors in the company of the director visited the photo call.

Now we can’t even remember when the last time Monica and Vincent appeared in public together, so the press is paying special attention to the release of the once-most beautiful pair of cinema.

The actors themselves were not used to talking about their personal lives with journalists, but not so long ago Bellucci opened up and talked a little about breaking up with Kassel.

Although this was my decision, but when you have to part with someone, this does not mean that you no longer love him. This means that you can no longer continue to be together,

– shared Monica.

Kassel, however, a few months ago became a father for the third time – he and his wife Tina Kunaki had a daughter, Amazoni. By the way, the couple flew to the Venice show with the baby .