Last fall, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez became embroiled in scandalous history – the car they were driving hit a man. And now the victim demands a pair of moral and material compensation.

The incident occurred last October in West Hollywood. Lopez and Rodriguez drove out of the restaurant on Merlos Place when they were surrounded by paparazzi. Liyanage Perera, who eventually got under the wheels, was among them – because of the flashes, the driver simply did not notice the man standing in the way. But most of all, Perera was annoyed not even by the injuries, but by the attitude of the stars: neither Lopez, nor Rodriguez, nor their driver got out of the car and asked if he was in order.

They left, and Perera left a record of the moment of the accident – with her he turned to the sheriff of the local police department. But the stars have not been charged with any criminal charges. According to law enforcement authorities, TMZ explained that by law pedestrians are not allowed to block a vehicle while standing in its way. But the man does not intend to give up – he sued the couple.