38-year-old Kim Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian) shared seductive pictures from your recent vacation. The wife of 42-year-old Kanye West ( Kanye West) staged a sexual photo shoot.

A participant in a reality show recently with the children rested in the Bahamas. Kim spent only a few days on the Atlantic Ocean , after which she returned to Los Angeles to promote her own brand of decorative cosmetics. During a short vacation, the model managed to make several “hot” photosets.

Elder sister Kylie Jenner wore a tight metallic silver swimsuit with dangerous cuts on the sides. The star refused makeup , but hid her eyes behind the glasses of sunglasses in a rectangular frame. Kim posed on the beach. Kardashian sat on the sand , resting her hands on him.

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Then the model was shot in water. Kim plunged into the ocean and completely wet her hair. Wet swimsuit piquantly emphasized the seductive figure of a star.

Fans appreciated the provocative shots of Kardashian. “Kim , as always , looks luxurious,” “I understand that it couldn’t do without Photoshop , but anyway, WHAT BODY,” “If I looked as sexy while swimming , but no,” they wrote in the comments .