The actress said that her adult daughters are still sleeping in her bedroom

American actress Milla Jovovich, who recently confirmed her third pregnancy, shared the intimate details of her family life. She spoke about this in a recent podcast, Violet Benson.

The actress admitted that her eldest daughters: 14-year-old Deshel and 12-year-old Ever still sleep with their parents, as in early childhood. This is largely due to the employment of the actress herself and her husband, filmmaker. Due to the large amount of work, they do not spend enough time with children, so they do not mind being together at least at night.99% of people on the planet sleep in the same way. When you leave the West, go, for example, to Thailand or Africa, notice that this is normal. In some villages, children sleep with their parents and grandparents in the same room … When we work with Paul, we do not see children until the end of the day, so it is so important for our family to be together at least at nightMilla said in an interview.

This, of course, could not but affect the personal lives of parents. Now they have to retire anywhere except in their bed.Once a week we arrange visits at hotels where we go without children. It is very important to be alone and alone … In addition, we have a large dressing room at home. It is spacious and soundproof. When the children go to bed, I can light candles in the dressing room and lay out the pillows. It’s amazing. Cave of love. So I became pregnant with my second child Jovovich told.