The actress admitted that she pays special attention to the development of girls

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who recently announced that she wants to move from the USA, spoke about the basic principles of parenting. She shared this with Elle reporters.

In particular, Jolie noted that she pays particular attention to the development of her daughters Zahara Marley, Shailo Nouvel and Vivien Marcheline. After all, according to the actress, the most attractive thing in a woman is his own opinion and strong will.

Angelina Jolie also shared her thoughts on the place of women in the modern world. In her view, the world refuses to accept smart women who challenge gender injustice by calling them evil. The actress asked the question, is it really evil, is this desire to have the right to vote, to get rid of injustice and cruelty towards women?If this is evil, the world needs more of this evilshe says in an interview with the publication.