Marvel stars took part in the Billy Aikner show on the streets of New York.

The other day, TV presenter Billy Aikner celebrated the 15th anniversary of his show “Billy on street” with the next issue, shot on city streets. In the company of Chris Evans, the TV presenter approached New Yorkers with a microphone and introduced them to Captain America. Some of the people did not recognize Chris Evans, and some enthusiastically cried out at the sight of the actor. Chris, in turn, reminded fans that a new film was released with his participation – “Get the Knives”.

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Suddenly, Chris and Billy met Paul Rudd on the street. The TV presenter enthusiastically invited the actor to join their walk with the camera.

Ant-Man and Captain America! I do not watch these stupid films

– blurted Aikner, and film colleagues greeted each other with a hug.

Soon, the trio came across a woman who was trying to shoot the actors on the phone.

Miss, who would you rather sleep with – Chris Evans or Paul Rudd?

– stunned passerby Billy.

Of course Paul Rudd! Stopudovo!

– the woman answered. And added:

Because he has not been aging since the days of “Stupid”!

The heroine of the show did not notice that the actor was standing right in front of her, and, seeing Paul, enthusiastically showered him with compliments.