A stroke of luck for Meghan Markle (39). The Duchess of Sussex has won the lawsuit against the British tabloid ‘Mail on Sunday’, royalty expert Chris Ship reports on Twitter.

“The plaintiff had reasonable expectations that the contents of her letter would remain private”

Meghan has been involved in a lawsuit against Mail on Sunday for some time . The British tabloid had published the letter the Duchess wrote to her father and she was not pleased with that. It took a while, but the judge has ruled and Meghan is right. “But Meghan has yet to file a copyright lawsuit,” Chris Ship said on Twitter. 

“The plaintiff had reasonable expectations that the content of her letter would remain private. The Mail on Sunday articles violated that expectation,” the judge said, according to Chris. The laws surrounding the copyright of the letter would not be clear and Meghan has to file another lawsuit. “The court is of the opinion that there should be a trial as to who owns the rights,” the judge said in the case. The next session will take place on March 2.