The actor, who already has three children, wants to have eight more, although his wife seems to disagree with him.

Matthew McConaughey wants “eight more children.” The ‘Serenity’ star already has Levi, 11, Vida, 10, and Livingston, seven, with his wife Camila Alves, but has said he is eager to take his family to two digits with eight more children , although your spouse is not so sure.

He said: “I remember that at age eight, it really was the only thing I knew I wanted to be a father.”

“I would like to have eight more children, but my wife is not on the same page. I understand that It is much easier for us [men]. ”

Matthew, 50, also said his children are his “living legacy,” since he admits that he wants to raise his family to be “aware” and “confident.”

He added: “I have a great hand in grazing my three children until they are 18 years old and leave the house. That is what I think I do the most honorable is to have three autonomous, conscious and safe children. ”

And becoming a father has even changed Matthew’s perspective on his professional life.

The ‘True Detective’ actor said: “I looked up and began to say… you know what, I just had a child. I said, the character that I am in my life, the man that I am in my life, the story I am living is more violent than the characters in the stories that I feel I am interpreting in some of these romantic comedies. Then, I took off in a kind of unmarked phase. Not a phase of brand change, a phase of brand. ”

Matthew now loves to take his children to work with him, and says that his daughter Vida enjoys working with the costume department.

Speaking at HISTORYTalks, Leadership & Legacy in New York City over the weekend, he said: “I have my children dating, we put them to work. We give them some money for the restoration. My daughter went to work with seamstresses and costume departments. ”