James Franco has submitted a request to the court to dismiss the case that two former drama students have started against him. The actor, who is accused of sexual abuse, finds that the two “exploit the # metoo movement”.

According to Variety, Franco’s lawyers filed this request last week because they believe the case is not based on anything.

According to Franco and his counselors, the case was purely started to “get as much publicity as possible for these attention seekers”. The actor, known for 127 Hours , among others , believes he is innocent and says he has not shown inappropriate behavior.

In October 2019, two women accused Franco of claiming that the actor was abusing his school in Los Angeles to sexually exploit young actresses.

“Franco believes in #metoo justice”

The abolished program, co-founded by Franco, is said to have been an “environment of intimidation and sexual exploitation”. Among other things, students would have had to make audition videos for sex scenes, which would later be assessed by Franco.

One of the women came out with her story at the beginning of 2018, just after the now convicted Harvey Weinstein was accused of abuse. These allegations led to the start of the # metoo movement. According to Franco’s lawyers, the two “have exploited the # metoo movement”.

“Franco firmly believes in the justice of the # metoo and Times Up movement,” the court documents say. “Many reprehensible individuals have been brought down, but in this case an innocent man has also become entangled”.