Barbra Streisand returns to lash out against U.S. President Donald Trump , stating that America was great before his election . The singer replies to ” Make America Great Again ” (let’s bring America back to being great), Trump’s political motto. Streisand attacks the incumbent President for the bad Coronavirus organization , for the Russian interference and acquittal from impeachment .

Barbra Streisand has published a very critical piece of his on Variety , on the occasion of the Super Tuesday , the day in which millions of people voted for the democratic primaries.
” America was already big, ” writes the singer, ” before you were elected in 2016 “. He attacks him for the dismissal of the director of national security, Joseph Maguire , in mid-February.
Barbra Streisand says the layoff was ” a choice to crack down on the truth about Russia’s interference in our elections .” Not only that, the attention of the article is focused on the Coronavirus emergency, poorly managed in the United States.

Every morning I wake up holding my breath while I turn on the phone to see the latest news, ” writes the artist. “ I tell myself it can’t be any worse than the day before. But when I see the news I realize that the situation has undoubtedly worsened . “
” He’s eliminating anyone with any experience from the government, and who doesn’t bow to him“.

Barbra Streisand joins the long list of anti-Trump stars who invited everyone to vote on the Super Tuesday . Among them Brad Pitt , recently attacked by the President himself, Eva Longoria , Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.