he marriage of Robert De Niro and his wife Grace would be over after more than twenty years, telling sources on  Page Six. The actor would also no longer be accompanied by his wife at public events for a while.

According to the sources, the two have not been together for a while and are planning to announce their rupture shortly, according to  Page Six 

De Niro and Grace were married in 1997 and were given Elliot the following year. Not long after that, the couple disbanded, to resign their wedding vows in 2004. At the end of 2011 they welcomed their daughter Helen.


His marriage with Grace was the second for the actor. In 1976 De Niro married Diahnne Abbott and adopted her daughter Drena. Together they also had son Raphael, but in 1986 the marriage was broken. De Niro then got a relationship with model Toukie Smith, with whom he got his now 23-year-old twin sons Aaron and Julian.