20th Century Fox and Marvel announce the release of a censored and offbeat version of Deadpool 2 for the holiday season in the United States in a limited number of cinemas for only twelve days.

Several months after its official release, Deadpool 2  by David Leitch (John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Hobbs and Shaw) will be released in the cinema, exclusively in the US, as of December 12, in the form of a re-reading of the original work baptized for the occasion Once  Upon a Deadpool . This “new” film will be narrated as in a Christmas tale. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, will tell his wild adventures to Fred Savage, a former child star of the 1980s. Unseen scenes (shot in one day) are on the program to open and close the feature film, knowing that comedian Ryan Reynolds will have fun breaking the fourth wall at certain times of the movie.

Once Upon A Deadpool will air for a few days in a limited number of cinemas in the United States. One dollar will be returned to Fuck Cancer for each ticket sold. No broadcast is planned in France.

A trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool

In this second film, Deadpool is forced to join the X-Men: after a failed attempt to save a young mutant destructive power, he finds himself in an anti-mutant prison. Arrive Cable, a soldier coming from the future and targeting the young mutant, in search of revenge. Deadpool decides to fight him. Unconvinced by the rules of the X-Men, he creates his own team, the “X-Force”. But this mission offers him big surprises, big enemies and indispensable allies.