Mark Wahlberg regrets the film by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Curious character that  Mark Wahlberg . Ex-offender turned singer in a boy band then muscled salesman of underwear of a big brand, he was revealed as actor by Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell and James Gray, before stacking the films of second zone thanks to strong dubious tastes.

Hence a two-headed filmography, where  The Yards is followed by rock star turnips and  The Truth About Charlie, where  Martin Scorsese’s Infiltrates Coast  Shooter Sniper, where  The Night belongs to us is lost in the nanardesque cloud of  Phenomena and  Max Payne. Where after hitting the robot in  Transformers 5: The Last Knight this summer, he will star in Ridley Scott’s All the Money of the World in December.  

So curious, as his statements at a recent event in Chicago confirm, where  Mark Wahlberg was invited by a cardinal to raise awareness of the word of God. The opportunity for him to repent on his career choices:

“I hope God loves movies and knows how to forgive, because I’ve made regrettable choices in the past,  Boogie Nights is up there first in the list.”

That Mark Wahlberg is back on his filmography is one thing – it’s not unheard of: he’s already spewed on   Mr. Night Shyamalan’s Phenomena. To attack one of his best films is another.

Difficult not to see in this opinion the simplistic contempt of a film about the pornographic world, where he plays the legendary Dirk Diggler against Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, Seymour Hoffman Philip, William H. Macy, Heather Graham or Don Cheadle. It is however omitted that Paul Thomas Anderson, who shows an incredible talent as a young filmmaker, tells the tragic and incredible destinies of these great loosers with a striking sensitivity and brutality, drawing in passing the portrait of a crazy era. It reduces the film to very little.

Nevertheless, everyone can now imagine that God is eventually a fan of  Fear,  Ted and  Ted 2,  Shooter Shooter,  No Pain No Gain or the Entourage series of which he was executive producer, and the TV movie  La Remplacement, shot before Boogie Nights.