Logan was one of the great public and critical successes of 2017. After its end, which has upset the fans of the character, many people are wondering what will happen.

Indeed, if on one side the Fox tends to decline the X-Men in all the sauces, it is doubtful that the Logan case is apart. Between LegionThe Gifted,  The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the Marvel heroes are a fundamental part of the studio’s arsenal, which wants to make them as profitable as possible. But with its adult world, with its black and radical tone, its different chronology and inspirations from the western, the universe portrayed in Logan does not fit well with the codes of the current blockbuster.  

 Not to mention that the character of X-23, played by Dafne Keene, has lastingly marked the audience and could be an ideal successor to Wolverine, which  Hugh Jackman seems to have definitively gone away.

That’s exactly what director James Mangold explained behind Logan and  Wolverine: the immortal’s fight in the Hollywood Reporter.

“The success of Patty Jenkins with Wonder Woman encourages studios not to dread movies to female protagonists. The more they walk on the American territory, the more space I have to work and get on with it. So here we are with a female heroine. It’s incredible. And what are we going to do with her? That’s where we are with the script, right now, we’re making our imagination work. “

If one is delighted to learn that the director is currently working on Logan’s sequel, the justification that  Wonder Woman would have taught Hollywood executives that female characters work at the box office is particularly misleading.

Indeed, the box office did not wait for the remake of the Visitors of Gal Gadot for heroines to embellish, and if Hollywood defiance there is, it is more of an old sexism than economic prudence. Finally, it is of course the success of Logan that secures a possible movie dedicated to X-23, more than the work of Patty Jenkins.