A new woman has added to the torrent of charges against Harvey Weinstein, claiming that he assaulted her in 2006 in a New York hotel while looking for work as a production assistant.

This new accusation, made at a press conference by a former production assistant, who has since changed careers, illustrates the difficulty of turning many of these accusations into valid complaints in the courts, even though about 50 women have now accused the producer of either harassment or sexual assault to the point of rape.

The production assistant, Mimi Haleyi, said she was “in her twenties” – she did not want to give her exact age – when she met the all-powerful producer for the first time in 2004.

Like other alleged victims of the multi-Oscar producer, she hoped that he would help her find work, and when he offered to see her at a New York hotel in 2006, she agreed, without anything abnormal does not occur initially.

It is a few days later that things have deteriorated, according to her, when he harasses her, to the point of forcing the door of her apartment, so that she accompanies him in Paris for fashion shows. She refuses.

On his return from Paris, Harvey Weinstein made a date at his home in SoHo, which she accepted because “I wanted to maintain good relations with him”. This is where he sexually assaulted her, orally, until she takes off her tampon, she said.

But Mimi Haleyi said she “did not go” to the police, and does not know if she will ever do it.

Her lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents Harvey Weinstein’s other accusers and was present at the press conference with Ms. Haleyi, admitted that the 2006 story, which is a charge of sexual assault, “could to be prescribed “, both in criminal and civil cases.

In these circumstances, she did not want to say anything about the consequences she was considering giving to this case.