The diva has found an arrangement with her former manager …

Between Mariah Carey and her former boss, Stella Bulochnikov, the war will not take place. The diva and her former employee reached an agreement, thus avoiding going to trial as the Blast announcement .

It must be said that it could have been very expensive for the interpreter of Hero , since his former manager asked him not less than 100 million dollars of unpaid. Stella Bulochnikov claimed her commissions on Mariah Carey’s income when she was busy with her career.

Case closed

The former manager filed a lawsuit against Mariah Carey last April for “breach of contract, violation of the US Civil Rights Act and violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act.” .

In the end, both parties “mutually agreed to resolve their dispute”. Stella Bulochnikov pledged to “stop taking action against Mariah Carey”. And each will pay his own legal fees.