T he freezing of The Guardians of the Galaxy, the end of work on the last Avengers, and the new novel clearly relaxed Chris Pratt. A few days ago, the paparazzi captured the actor with his new girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger at a resort in Mexico. The pictures presented showed not only Pratt’s beach shorts, but also his extra weight.

Chris Pratt, 39, and Kathryn Schwarzenegger, 29, spent the New Year holidays in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Lovers got into the lenses of cameras, heading for the pool. The girl had a closed swimsuit, and the actor had shorts and a baseball cap. Users immediately drew attention to the fact that Pratt can no longer boast of a relief press, which he demonstrated in the first “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It should be noted that even in “Avengers: War of Infinity” they made fun of his character because of extra kilos of the Star Lord.

Chris Pratt has never been able to hold in one weight for a long time. Probably, after the completion of several major projects, the actor decided to rest with his beloved and relax on a small romantic journey. Recall that just a month ago, he confessed to Catherine in love by posting on his Instagram page a collage of their joint photos and congratulating her on her birthday. Ahead of the star are several projects in which he will participate as a voice actor, so fans may not see Chris pumped up soon.