Lindsay Lohan swears: her use of drugs and alcohol is classified. The actress Lolita Despite Me has become manager of nightclubs [she has one in Athens and another in Mykonos Greece] and plans to build a complex in Dubai . And it is, according to her, thanks to this new work that she no longer touches on psychotropic drugs.

“I’m running the place, so I do not have time for that (using drugs and alcohol),” said Lindsay Lohan on the set of Good Morning America .

The resurrection

Lindsay Lohan has also signed with MTV for a reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club , in which the viewer discovers her everyday life as a businesswoman.

And the old child star did not turn his back on the cinema. She toured the Sick Note series on Netflix and bought the rights to Tina Seskis’ book, The Honeymoon. “We are working on the script right now,” she added.