Hollywood stars have repeatedly shared with the public, for which their first earned money went. Nicole Kidman bought a washing machine for her parents, Brad Pitt bought an old chair, Rami Malek spent the first fee on a coffee machine. But the star “Once … in Hollywood” Margot Robbie told Vogue that her first money for the film went to pay her mother’s debt.

Margot Robbie, 29, appeared on four covers of Australian Vogue and gave an interview to her mother Sari Kessler. The star never forgot that it was her mother who actively supported her in the desire to become an actress and never took her help for granted. She even spent her first salary based on debt considerations.

I spent that money to pay you back, mom. Do not you remember? I was all in debt by the end of grade 12. I wrote down everything I owed you on paper. Every time I was given a salary, I paid the debt. That sheet was preserved, because it was very nice to realize that I returned everything,

– said Sari Margot.

Note that Kessler, as a single mother, had to work hard to provide for her children. Despite the difficult circumstances, Sari supported her daughter in the desire to become an actress, and Robbie achieved considerable heights. In 2008, she became famous in Australia, thanks to the series “Neighbors”, and in 2011 she began to audition for Hollywood films and shows. World fame came to Margot after the premiere of the film “The Wolf from Wall Street”, and for the film “Tonya against all”, the star was awarded an Oscar nomination.