Not so long ago, insiders told the tabloids that relatives of Miley and Liam hoped for their reconciliation. However, this was not destined to happen, because soon after the announcement of the breakup, Hemsworth filed for divorce in court. According to sources, there was still a chance to save the marriage, but due to certain actions Cyrus was missed.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met for ten years, parted and reunited several times. Loyal fans of the couple hoped that the next break would not end in divorce, until the actor began the divorce process. Anonymous sources from Liam’s inner circle told Us Weekly why he didn’t pull:

He thought they could handle this situation, but the photos of kissing Miley and Caitlin were the last straw. Liam is from a very conservative family, and his loved ones were dumbfounded by all of this.

It was because of these photos taken by the paparazzi in Italy that the singer was convicted of treason. Miley could not stand the pressure of the public and wrote a candid post on social networks, where she admitted that although her behavior can hardly be called exemplary, she was always a devoted wife.

I sat on a crushing ball naked. There are probably more naked photos on the Internet than anyone else. But the truth is that when Liam and I came together, I was faithful to him,

– said the star.