There is a possibility that we can admire Madonna (63) and Britney Spears (40) on stage together again in the future.

During a live session on Instagram Madonna says she would like to repeat the famous kiss from nineteen years ago.

“I have no idea if she would like it, but it would be really cool”
On Wednesday evening, Madonna will appear live on Instagram for the occasion. When a follower asks the singer if she will ever tour again, she replies: ” Hell yeah . I have to. A stadium tour. Me and Britney, what do you think?” She continues: “I have no idea if she would like it, but it would be really cool. Then we can do the kiss again.”

Madonna also revealed during the livestream that new music is on the way with other artists, but that is all still ‘secret’.

Madonna performed with Britney and Christina Aguilera on the 2003 MTV award show. They sang her hits ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Like A Virgin’. Just before Missy Elliott joined the trio, Madonna first kissed Britney and then Christina.

It’s been a while for Britney since she performed. Her last live show was at Britney: Live in Concert in Las Vegas in 2018. Now that her father Jamie has been suspended as curator of the singer, she is still not eager to pick up her music career again. Yet there are also insiders who have reported that, even though releasing new music is not her top priority, she is slowly but surely willing to try it again.

Madonna has been giving a lot of attention to the #FreeBritney movement. Last summer she wrote on Instagram: ‘Give this woman her life back. Slavery has been banned for a long time.’