According to Bill (84) and his team, the documentary ‘We Need To Talk About Bill Cosby’, which will appear on the American channel ‘Showtime’ on January 30, is ‘nothing more than a PR smear’. The four-part series was created by filmmaker W. Kamau Bell (49), who, as a fellow comedian, saw Bill as a great example for black men in the entertainment industry. According to him, there really should be talk about Bill. This is reported by The New York Post.

“A lot of people knew what he was doing, but looked the other way”
The series examines the sexual abuse allegations against the once beloved ‘Dr. Huxtable’. After a lengthy trial, in which multiple witnesses testified against Bill, the actor was sent to prison in 2018 for up to ten years. However, he was released again in June 2021.

“Indeed, let’s talk about Mr. Cosby. Mr. Cosby spent more than 50 years helping those who felt excluded from society, enabling them to be included and, above all, both men and women who have not been given honorable work within the entertainment industry because of their race and gender. Despite this, Mr. Cosby remains a target for the media, who have portrayed him in a bad light for years. And it is done deliberately. But despite that, nothing was ever proven against him in court,” Bill’s spokesman said.

In the documentary, several black women and men speak about Bill, who was once a community hero for breaking the stigma of black people on television. “A lot of people knew what he was doing, but looked the other way. That’s why he got away with his behavior for so long,” said Eden Tirl, one of the actresses who has accused Bill of assaulting her.

The documentary We Need To Talk About Bill Cosby was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday.