Most will know her as ‘wife of’, but that will soon change: Georgina Rodriguez (28) is treating her followers to a brand new documentary about her person on her birthday. The Netflix documentary ‘Soy Georgina’, which means ‘I am Georgina’, is all about the soccer woman.

“Many people know my name, but only a few know who I am”
Georgina’s life sounds like a fairy tale: she went from poorly paid shop assistant to wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous and richest football players in the world. Her life was certainly not always glitz and glamour. She grew up in Spain and her mother died in a car accident in 2011. Her father Jorge, an ex-footballer, spent ten years in prison for drug smuggling and passed away in 2019 at the age of 71. At the age of seventeen, Georgina left for Bristol in the United Kingdom, where she started working as a nanny. In 2015, she decided to move back to Spain, where she got a job in a Gucci store. It was here that she met the love of her life, who was playing for Real Madrid at the time.

In a teaser that she shares on Instagram, we see the Spanish soccer woman in various extravagant outfits announcing her documentary. “I’m 27 and five years ago my life completely changed. The day I met Cristiano was on a Thursday in the summer. As I was leaving the store I met a handsome man, almost six feet tall,” she says. “A lot of people know my name, but only a few know who I am.”


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In the documentary we get to see Georgina from a completely different side. But of course there is also a role for her great love Cristiano. The two lovebirds now have a daughter named Alana. However, the family has more than one child, because Ronaldo already had three other children through one or more surrogate mothers. And as if they didn’t have their hands full enough, there are also twins on the way: Georgina is pregnant.