This has been reveleaed by Katie Price that she is in talks with Amazon and Netflix for a new documentary show about her crazy life.

43 Year old actress Katie announced in a press conference yesterday that she was joining only OnlyFans, katie further added saying that she is in talks with two streaming giants for a show which could make her famous around the globe.

This was stated by the Katie saying: “There have been talks about doing a dramatised TV series of my life.

“We’ve spoken with Amazon and Netflix, and you’ll hear about it when we do, there’ll be a big press call and announcement.”

This comment also teased by Katie Price saying that there could also be a movie being made about her life.

She further added saying “I always say there’s going to be a film of my life but do you know what happens?

“Drama. But like where do you start it and where do you end it?”

Katie was dressed as a Nun in the conference while making the announcement she added: “So the reason I’ve come in a nun outfit is because I am pure and I am actually innocent. New year, new start.

“Doing my OnlyFans channel is something that I am born to do. It’s something I’m born to do. I’ve done glamour for years. I’m so excited I’ve got no one in my way.

“There are no lads mags anymore, I’m not doing it for nothing. I’ve always been paid to do what I do. Why would you just want to give that away? I think my body is valuable, it’s my rules. I want to dictate how I show my body.”