When Madonna decided to move all her family, she was targeting Italy or Spain before setting her sights on Portugal. And there is a very specific reason for that. His 12-year-old son, David, dreams of becoming a professional footballer. So, when he was accepted into the Benfica club academy, there was no more debate.


Yet other options were possible. Madonna hesitated between Turin and Barcelona where there are some very good clubs, but in the end, Lisbon attracted her for her cultural diversity and her historical past. He also had to think of his other three children.

It seemed like the best choice

“I’ve been to all these places and I’ve tried to imagine living there,” Madonna revealed in an interview relayed by Wenn . “Of course, Barcelona is a great city, and I love Turin so much, but Turin is not really a city for kids. “

Oh? But why ? “It’s a city for intellectuals; they have amazing museums and beautiful houses, but I do not think it would have been fun for them … so I went to Lisbon, and it seemed like the best choice … “, she concluded.