The rapper Cardi B gave birth to her daughter, named Kulture, almost a month ago. If she admitted to being barely able to move her legs right after delivery, it was out of the question to stay inactive longer. However, she can not play sports, but do not worry, start with a diet. First step: drink tea, a lot of tea.


When I was pregnant, I said to myself:” As soon as I give birth, I find my waistline again, I come back at a gallop, “she said in an Instagram video (above).


“But since I gave birth, I was frankly lazy. Like, it’s really hell but I have to remember that I’m an artist and I have to do what I have to do, “continued Cardi B. So, this week, the diet starts slowly. The rapper will go step by step.



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“I’m going to start with Teami (a slimming tea) and it’s going to start burning my reserves without spoiling my milk,” she says. Nevertheless, Cardi B has time to get in shape, since she has just canceled his participation in the tour of Bruno Mars to stay close to his daughter.