Pamela Anderson is very sober in her relationship with star footballer Adil Rami. As soon as the 51-year-old Baywatch actress gets older in appearance, she does not expect the 32-year-old French footballer to stay with her.


“I told Adil: one day I fall apart, you know that, so be prepared, let’s fall in love as long as we’re in love and if there ever comes a day when you look at me and think: ‘ugh’, well , then I can always go and live in another country, “says the actress by the Sun . Anderson emphasizes that the difference of nineteen years between them currently plays no role at all.

Two months ago the actress moved to a small village just outside Marseille so she could be closer to Rami. “I love this part of the world, it’s my adopted home.” There she opened a bakery a month ago and a restaurant that focuses on vegan meals. “Vegan food is an aphrodisiac, it’s a win-win situation, meat makes you impotent and unhealthy.”

Anderson and Rami met last February at the Grand Prix of Monaco. Previously, she was married four times. First with drummer Tommy Lee, followed by rocker Kid Rock and twice she gave her yes to poker player Rick Salomon.