A year after the release of First Man, the space will still be popular in the festivals of the season, thanks to Ad Astra, Proxima and Lucy in the Sky, presented in Venice and / or Toronto. Directed by Noah Hawley, creator of the Fargo series and Legion who signs his baptism of fire in the cinema, the third will focus mainly on the return to Earth of his astronaut played by Natalie Portman, and its difficulties to readjust to life and the world around him after living in solitude and silence. A starting point reminiscent of some of Kathryn Bigelow’s scenes of the Deseminators, but the trailer suggests a less raw and more visually sought-after film.

Noah Hawley, to whom we owe the dream-psychedelic visions that enamelled the three seasons of Legion, is not a surprise. We must believe that his style will accompany on the big screen, and Lucy in the Sky should play on the image formats, to emphasize the immensity of space as much as the state of confinement in which is located l heroine, determined to outdo herself to return to orbit. Fading into madness, another favorite theme of the director, which could well offer us a new trip, if we rely on these mesmerizing images or title in tribute to one of the most famous songs of the Beatles inspired John Lennon by taking LSD, which replaced the originally planned Blue Dot Pale .

Freely adapted from the life of astronaut Lisa Nowak and the troubles following her return to Earth after the STS-121 mission in 2006, the film is also led by Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz or Dan Stevens, ex -Heroes of Legion. Expected at the next Toronto festival, where it will be presented on September 11, Lucy in the Sky will be released in French theaters on March 18, 2020. What seems very far off when you watch this trailer.