Tina Kunakey is sexy in all circumstances and she proves it once again on her Instagram account. This Tuesday, August 27, the young mother has unveiled a new cliché on which she plays the models in the street. An image of course commented by his fan number 1, Vincent Cassel.

No offense to those who criticize their relationship , Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey are a happy couple and more in love than ever . On August 24, the lovebirds celebrated their first wedding anniversary . In Bidart – a village in the Basque country – the 52-year-old actor said “yes” to life as a 22-year-old model . “To the infinite and beyond” , simply wrote the young woman – nostalgic for this beautiful day of 2018. She indeed took advantage of her cotton wedding to open again the photo albums and draw some new clichés, unveiled in his Instagram story . Moments of absolute romanticism during whichthe comedian admired his wife with stars in his eyes.

Four years after their first meeting, this amorous look does not seem to have left Vincent Cassel . It’s very simple, with each new publication of his darling on social networks, he hastens to go add a small comment – which says a lot about his feelings. This Tuesday, August 27, it was not surprising to discover a short message from him under a photo shared by Tina Kunakey. In a tight black dress and especially low-cut, the young mother walks along a sidewalk – as she would on a podium. A crazy insurance that has amazed Internet users, and of course the actor of La Haine . “Queen,” he said while others raved about”Sexy Mama” . Queen of Vincent Cassel, she is also that of the diversion . Subjugated in front of his dream body, his subscribers almost forget to ask for clichés of his daughter, Amazon . Good game !