In 2013, Frozen conquered viewers and critics, destroying the cliché of standard Disney tales. Impressed by the courage of the creators, the audience demanded that they act even more unconventionally and turn Princess Elsa into a heroine with an unconventional sexual orientation. The fans’ conviction in such a plot twist was so strong that the creators had to officially declare that there would be no same-sex love in the cartoon sequel.

At D23 Expo 2019, the writers of Frozen 2, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, made it clear to reporters and viewers that the sequel will not focus on the romantic lines of the characters. The creators decided to first develop the characters of the heroes, so Elsa will not have a love story with either a woman or a man.

As in the first part, Elsa will not be determined by romantic interest. There are many other films for this. This is not the story we are currently seeking to tell. What we really want to tell is about how you grow, change, look for your place in the world and find answers with such incredible abilities,

– said the screenwriter.

According to the creators, in “Frozen Heart 2”, viewers learn much more about the nature of the princess’s supernatural powers, about how she found them and why the heroine’s parents went on a deadly journey on a ship.