Lili Reinhart is in bad mood! The Riverdale actress gets clashed and accused of racism after posting on Twitter on which she decided to explain herself once and for all.

Lili Reinhart on her kissing scenes with Cole Sprouse in Riverdale: “It’s easy!” What is much less easy on the other hand is to know how to apologize when the accusations rain down. The young Riverdale actress faces a huge bad buzz, since she innocently posted a photo of her next Halloween costume, stating, “I found my Halloween costume, inspired by the color of my soul! ” A post that could have passed cream, except that many have immediately accused of racism, pointing to the fact of comparing a woman “black” to a vulgar suit . If she could have been able to wipe out the criticism without saying anything,I apologize. Never wanted to hurt. I can understand how it could be misinterpreted “ . Since then, a wave of support has risen on Twitter and humbling was given to us from the actress. Another lesson of the day, after Demi Lovato, Camila Mendes, Veronica in Riverdale, talks about her eating disorders  How do you interpret her post?