The 25-year-old and her husband have chosen to share the very strong emotions they experienced in a matter of hours.

Married in 2016 and madly in love, Shawn Johnson and Andrew East did not expect to become parents. But when the former gymnast, triple world champion at 15 in 2007 and Olympic champion the following year, discovered that she was pregnant, the young couple was overjoyed.

A few hours later, the 25-year-old and her husband’s footballer learned that she had miscarried. This terrible moment of emotional lift, Shawn Johnson East and 26-year-old Andrew East, wanted to share it with those who follow them on social networks and on YouTube. On the channel that she animates, the one who definitely said goodbye to the gym in 2012 and was illustrated in the program Dancing with the Stars (winner in 2009, finalist in 2012 in an edition all stars ) has put in line a long video of about twenty minutes that documents these hours so intense and cruel.

From the discovery of the two positive pregnancy tests to the announcement to Andrew and the awareness of the arrival of a baby and what it implies, through the medical appointment and the bad news that follow, the couple gives themselves without reserve. ” It’s by far the hardest video we’ve ever released, but it felt like it was a story that had to be shared, because so many people have to overcome the same thing.” Andrew, I t “Love more than anything in this world and I know you’ll be the best dad in the world someday, thank you for being my rock in this event, ” Shawn wrote on Instagram.

” The last 48 hours have been some of the happiest, scary and sad of my life.” My husband Andrew and I found out I was pregnant without expecting it, only to learn a few hours later of the tragic news. I cried like never before, but I’m still optimistic for the future, “sums up the young woman in the video in question. Victim of stomach pain, she went to see bleeding in the uterus, absence of gestational sac … She had miscarried while she was pregnant about six weeks.

After sharing this video, whose length and transparency can be discouraging but undeniably moving, Shawn and Andrew have engaged in a discussion with their fans on social networks, especially on the occasion of a Facebook Live, reaffirming on this occasion their belief in the fact that nothing happens without reason and their optimism for the future.